Own Use Property

Own Use Property

Our service for ‘Own Use’ Properties and Luxury Detached Properties allows you to source properties anywhere in the UK from third parties. In this service we act as Buyer’s Agent and deal with a wide range of sellers and seller’s agents all over the UK. We specialize in luxury detached properties. In certain locations we may not be able to help you directly but will give you advice and refer you to local agents who may be more familiar with that particular location. Our Property Finding Service for overseas buyers includes the following key stages:

  • Find out your requirements.
  • Search for Suitable Properties.
  • Produce a Short-list
  • Accompanied Viewings & Selection
  • Help with Negotiations for best price & terms
  • Oversee the Transaction Process to Completion
  • Additional Services

Find out your requirements

The first step is to understand your requirements and needs properly. One of our experienced senior Consultants or Directors will be your main contact with regards to your purchase. Sometimes our customers are not exactly sure of what sort of UK property would be best for them and in such cases, we are able to guide them as we have had experience of similar requirements in the past. Once the requirements are agreed, we confirm these in writing and start our search process. At this point we may also ask the customer to pay the initial registration fee to retain our services (see below under fees).

Search for Suitable UK Properties

Once we have agreed your requirements, we will search for suitable properties. As well as looking at our databases, we will speak with all the appropriate seller’s agents to select all of the properties that would meet your requirements and budget.

Produce a Short-list

From the list of selected UK properties, we will produce a shortlist that best meets your requirements. We will provide you with the details and discuss each property on the short-list. From the short-list, you may be able to select a number of properties which would be suitable for personal viewings when you visit the UK

Accompanied Viewings & Selection

When you are ready to visit the UK for viewings, we will arrange the viewings and accompany you to each agreed viewing. After your viewings you may select one most suitable property and perhaps one reserve (in cases negotiations on your chosen property do not meet your target price).

Help with Negotiations for best price & terms

Our consultants will be aware of the local pricing and will be in a good position to negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. In many cases this results in savings many times that of our fee.

Oversee the Transaction Process to Completion

After price and terms have been agreed, we act on your behalf to secure the purchase and ensure the conveyance process goes smoothly. This may include liaising with solicitors and surveyors. Throughout the process we will continuously monitor and report progress to you through to completion.

Additional Services

If necessary we can obtain a Power of Attorney to represent you in the buying process, if you are not able to be present in the UK to sign purchase documents
After purchase, we can look after your UK property whilst you are away and help provide property management services if you wish to rent out your property.

Our Fees – Luxury Property Division

Our Full Fee for successful purchase to exchange of contracts is the greater of either 2% of the property price, or 20% of the savings we that we have been able to make on your behalf between the asking price and the eventual purchase price. Our minimum fee in this division, for any property purchase is £ 4,750.
Thus if you are purchasing a property listed at £ 750,000 and we negotiate this down to £ 680,000. We would save you e would save you 80,000. Our fee will be 20% of this saving which is £ 16,000. So the £750,000 property would end up effectively costing you £ 696,000 including our fees.
Unlike many other firms, we provide a total service from initial enquiry to satisfactory purchase and completion including liaising with agents, solicitors and surveyors. We are also able to provide additional service such as property management and help with property resale in the future.
There is an initial registration fee of £ 1,000 and this is deducted off the final fees stated above.
If you terminate our engagement and proceed to purchase or rent a property originally introduced by Find UK Property, the full fee is applicable.
For examples of the type and range of luxury homes in the UK at each price point, please visit the Home Page. This gives you an idea of the type of properties available. We will discuss your requirements in detail and produce a short-list of specific UK properties to meet your needs and budget.
No Fees are payable for investment property purchases – See Investment Property Page.

Are you sure you need an “Own Use” Property?

If you are looking mainly for “own use” in the future either because you may relocate to the UK or for possible retirement, normally we would advise you NOT to buy a property yet. It may be best for you to just rent for a short while, if and when you come to the UK – until you were happy with the community and location. Then you could buy. Many clients end up buying in the wrong location and sometimes their circumstances change and the property purchased is not suited to their needs.
A first step in planning to come back may be a pure investment property that gives income, grows in value and is easily affordable without a mortgage. This would give you options for the future. You could then use the rental income from the investment property to pay for any property you rent for your own or family use. This gives you more flexibility and the ability to move around until you are sure where you finally wish to live.

Next Steps

In order to discuss your requirements, it is best to complete an enquiry form on the home page under the relevant section by clicking “Click Here For Brochure”. We will send you the full brochure links and contact you at your request. Alternatively email sales@findukproperty.com or call the advice hotline number above.

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