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We acquire most of our houses direct from sellers but in about 10% of cases we buy from auctions – like in these 5 BBC episodes. Each episode shows a property in poor condition purchased from an auction and its subsequent full renovation under the eyes of the BBC Homes Under the Hammer Team.  The BBC filmed each property before, during and after renovation and obtained independent Estate Agent valuations. They also interviewed various family members and managers from the business.

Each Episode has a short 3 minute introduction by our Group Director  – Tariq, and then the Episode begins and highlights of each episode are shown.  The introduction is similar in all 5 episodes. Please note that all prices shown are out of date.

BBC EPISODE 1 – 2018


BBC EPISODE 2 – 2019


BBC EPISODE 3 – 2020


BBC EPISODE 4 – 2021


BBC EPISODE 5 – 2022