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Please Note.  Low Cost Property Prices in the UK are RISING. This is despite the effects of Coronavirus and the worldwide recession. The reasons for this are as follows:-

-During a recession, demand for low cost property (below £100,000) increases, as buyers and renters try to cut costs. Prices at high end and mid end could fall, but they are rising at the low end.

-Demand is also increasing as buyers switch from shares and “paper investments” to real property assets for long term investment and security.

-There is also a shift in property demand from large cities to smaller towns, as more people discover the benefits of working from home.

-Supply has reduced, as owners are reluctant to sell secure tangible property assets and also transactions on occupied properties have reduced due to social distancing measures.

Please do your research quickly, and once you have confidently decided to invest, then proceed to make a reservation in the next few weeks to fix the current pricing.

The Best Investment Properties In The UK

This video explains the key factors to consider to determine the best investment (Buy-to-Let)  properties in the UK. We also explain the best methods to use to Search, Buy and Manage them.  Watch this video to the end.

Section 1- UK Investment Property

All houses shown here are fully renovated, guaranteed and rented out with our Net Guaranteed Rent System.

Summary - The Best Houses for Investment In The UK

Find UK Property follows all of the advice in the above video to offer clients the best properties for investment, and look after all aspects of the purchase, rental and long term management. We categorise all investment properties below £100,000 into 8 different “Types” of houses – all located in 29 areas in the North West and the North East.

First choose the “Type” of property and get more details and a draft agreement. Then use the “Reserve & Select” process to later select the specific property of your choice. We try to ensure that all houses within each category are very similar and deliver the same % investment returns and future resale values. All clients normally make a reservation of the “Best Buy” H3 Type first. At property selection they can also upgrade or downgrade to other types if they wish.

This table summerizes the different types, their prices, rents and purchase costs. More details are shown below.

2 Bed Houses - TYPE H2


Our best value Standard 2-Bed houses in good areas with high rental demand. Two rooms downstairs (Lounge, Dining kitchen) with rear yard and two bedrooms + 3 piece bathroom.

  • Best Buy H2 Standard 2-bed houses – £65,999
  • Fixed total purchase costs £999
  • Pre-acquired and renovated at our cost
  • Fully let out to good long term tenants
  • Repair Guarantees on the house
  • Outright ownership – No service charges
  • Low price means no need for a mortgage
  • Secure, easy, 2 stage buying process.
  • Such UK houses have doubled in £ every 10 Yrs.
  • We Provide Net Guaranteed Rent -6% after ALL costs – £3,960 per Year for 3 years & then renewable annually, for secure long-term income.
  • Rent Guaranteed – You get rent even in vacant periods & even if tenant is not paying rent.
  • No Management Fees with Net Guaranteed Rent (other agents charge up to 15% +VAT =18%).
  • Free Maintenance Package & No Other Costs
  • Other agents may offer higher % gross yields but charge management fees, property repair & other costs – so what you get is much less than this. Plus rent is not guaranteed. Our system gives you best net rent & long-term peace of mind. Also Available
  • Type H1 – Smaller 2-Bed House £62,999
  • Type H1e – Smaller lowest cost 2-bed House in low rent areas £59,999

Large 2 Bed Houses - Type H3 - Best Buy

- £69,999

These larger type H3 houses represent the Best Buy in our range. These are larger properties wtih good rental demand and future capital growth. They have three rooms downstairs (Lounge, Dining room and separate small kitchen) with rear yard/garden and two bedrooms  plus 3 piece bathroom.

  • Large 2-Bed Type 3 Houses – £69,999
  • Fixed total purchase costs – £999 including all solicitors fees etc.
  • 3% Government Stamp Duty Transfer Fees
  • Pay 10% (£7,000) at Reservation & rest at property purchase completion
  • Net Guaranteed Rent – 6% of price – £4,200 /Yr.
  • No Management Fees. No Other Costs
  • Free Maintenance Package
  • Get secure, Net Guaranteed income –  long term
  • Available in 29 Locations in the North West and the North East.
  • Type H4 – small 3-bed houses with one lounge, dining kitchen and 3 bedrooms £71,999
  • Type H4e -small 3-bed houses in low rent areas. Our lowest cost 3-beds £69,999

All clients normally make a reservation of the “Best Buy” H3 Type first. At property selection they can also upgrade or downgrade to other types if they wish. Reservation ensures you are treated as a serious client and are given priority in property selection which is normally 5 weeks later.

Large 3-Bed Houses Type H5

- £77,999

These large H5 Type houses have three rooms downstairs (Lounge, Dining room and separate small kitchen) with rear yard/garden and three bedrooms  plus 3 piece bathroom. The lounges may be combined to form one large open-plan lounge.

  • Large 3-Bed Type H5 Houses – £77,999
  • Fixed total purchase costs – £999
  • 3% Government Stamp Duty Fees
  • Net Guaranteed Rent – 6% of price – £4,680 /Yr.
  • No Management Fees. No Other Costs
  • Free Maintenance Package
  • Get secure, Net Guaranteed income –  long term
  • Higher cost but higher rent and property value.
  • These are good family homes and are popular with long-term tenants.

TYPE H6 3-Bed Houses with Gardens £84,999

  • Large 3-Bed Terraced Houses (Type H6) with large front areas and large rear gardens and more modern design and layouts £84,999. Net Rent ££5,100 /Yr.
  • These houses are popular amongst larger families

Select one of these Large 3-bed houses if your budget is higher.

H7 - Semi-Detached 2-Bed

- £86,999

These are 2-bed semi-detached houses with large front private areas or drives and large rear gardens. Semi-Detached means that there is only one other property on one side.  Usually have a large lounge and Dining Kitchen and modern design. 2 good size Bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

  • 2-Bed Type H7 Houses – £86,999
  • Net Guaranteed Rent – 6% of price – £5,220 /Yr.
  • No Management Fees. No Other Costs
  • Free Maintenance Package
  • Get secure, Net Guaranteed income –  long term

TYPE H8 3-Bed Semi-detached Houses £99,999

  • These are larger houses with bigger rooms and 3 bedrooms.  £99,999. Net Rent ££6,000 /Yr.
  • These are our most expensive investment properties and have very good long term potentinal and represent great value. Prices on specific houses may vary a little depending on value and rent.

Video – 5 Facts about UK Investment Property

Short 5 minute video that explains the 5 KEY FACTS about buying investment property in the UK. Then covers the 5 things you need to learn by browsing this site.


Full 2-bed houses from £62,999

These properties are full landed houses at great prices from £62,999 to £99,999. The same property we sell here for £63,000 will be over £320,000 near London. Prices in the North West and North East are still low but now have started to grow rapidly as demand has increased. Lower cost properties are delivering higher % rental yields and are now also growing better in % values. These are also easier to rent out and resell, are more tax efficient, lower risk, and provide more long term flexibility as you can buy multiple properties for the same budget and then sell some whilst keeping others.

Low fixed total purchase costs £999

The purchase costs are negotiated and fixed at £999. and include your solicitor costs, local searches, 12 month’s insurance and land registry fees. If you already own another property you will need to pay 3% stamp duty to the government.

Pre-acquired and renovated at our cost

All of our properties are acquired by us first and renovated to a set standard. Under our system we are liable for the ongoing repairs, maintenance and guaranteed rent. By acquiring properties ourselves we ensure that they do not have any structural issues, are in the right neighbourhoods where rental demand is strong, and that we renovate them well upfront (as this reduces ongoing maintenance costs).

Fully let out to good tenants

There are no additional costs to the owner for letting the properties or re-letting them when they become vacant. Our aim is to always keep the properties rented out and to ensure we have good tenants that keep our costs low and pay rent on time. We are liable for any damage or issues caused by tenants – so it is in our interest to acquire and keep good tenants.

Repair Guarantees on the house

Under our Net Guaranteed Rent system, we undertake to keep your property in a good condition and do all required repairs. You are not involved with or have to deal with or pay for any repairs to the property. As we already have renovation and maintenance teams this is very little extra cost to us but great value to you. There are no management fees or property maintenance, or any other costs with the Net Guaranteed Rent System.

Outright ownership – No service charges

All of our properties we sell are category 1 – 999 years – full ownership or freehold. We treat 999 years as like freehold even though these are nominal leasehold with £1 per year or no ground rent. Almost all of houses in this region are of this type. We do not sell the  standard leasehold properties or apartments – 99 years/ 125 year leases which may come with service charges.

Good friendly upcoming neighbourhoods

All of the properties we own, manage, and acquire are in 23 locations within the North West – with majority in the Lancashire area or in key locations in the North East (Stockton, Middlesbrough and Others) where rental demand is strong and rental yields are high. These are tried and tested areas where there are good friendly communities with convenient retail areas and good transport. Our Group companies already have over 1300 properties in these areas and we stick to these areas when acquiring new properties.

Low price means no need for a mortgage

Borrowing to buy an “own use” property can be a necessity and better than renting. However, our current view is that for secure property ownership, you should not borrow to invest. Loan set up charges and interest rates are high on low value loans – so your returns are lower. Plus you are not the true owner (the bank is) and with buy-to-let mortgages you have less rights than an own use mortgage as these are unregulated. From our viewpoint mortgages makes the process cumbersome and introduce delays – so we do not accept them. The low price of these properties enables clients to buy without a mortgage. This also enables them to gradually build the number of properties they own by using their own savings and the rental income to re-invest in more purchases. We have many clients who have used this system to acquire a new property every 2 to 3 years without any bank borrowing. That way they have built a secure portfolio of very good properties to generate income for their retirement.

Secure, easy, 2 stage buying process

The buying process is very different from buying a property in the open market and is a TWO stage process. Reservation is first made on the basis of the minimum specification and agreement. Clients normally visit us before reservation – to see our company and see the areas and types of properties. This gives them enough confidence and information to proceed further without agreeing a specific property at this stage. All of our properties meet the minimum specification of each type and clients have the ultimate final choice on which specific property in which area they wish to select. This Selection process happens about 4 to 5 weeks after reservation due to the demand and priority is given by reservation order.

Doubled in value every 8 to 10 years

Historically, on average, property prices have doubled in value every 8 to 10 years for the past 60 years. The only exception to this was the period from, 2008 to 2012 when prices fell and then remained static for another 5 years. Now they are rising at the previous rates. Whilst there are no guarantees, we expect such houses to double in value over the next 10 years.


Net Guaranteed Rent

We operate the Net Guaranteed System. You get rent even if property is empty and even if tenant does not pay. Also the standard maintenance package is included free of charge for first 3 years, so that all property costs and repairs are covered by us.  The Guaranteed Rent is initially fixed for the first 3 years. Clients can renew the Guaranteed Rent system on an annual basis after the first 3 years at the prevailing guaranteed rate. All our clients renew, as this is a good system – but you are not tied to using our services beyond the 3 years. All of our properties (over 1,300) are on the Guaranteed Rent system and some have been on this system over 10 years.

  • Gross Rent  – 8 %: This is the market rent for properties in this area. A property costing £62,999 will on average deliver £5,040 gross rent if fully occupied for the whole year with a regularly paying tenant and no void periods.
  • Guaranteed Rent  – 7%: The rent is paid even if no rent is collected from a tenant. Thus owner still gets rent even when:-
    • -Vacant Period – property is not let out
    • -Tenant Not paying rent
    • -Any other reason why rent is not coming in.
    • Effectively the agent becomes your tenant and agrees to pay the rent at 7% rate no matter what.
  • Net Guaranteed Rent – 6%
    • This is the most important figure and this is the system we operate. This is the net rent you get into your bank account after ALL costs and is guaranteed – no matter what. For  H2 type house costing £65,999 you get Net Guaranteed Rent of £3,960 per year. On top of this you get capital growth in value with houses expected to double in value over next 10 years.
No Management Fees

Unlike other agents there are NO management fees. So your get 100% of the Net Guaranteed Rent. Most other agents charge over 10% plus VAT = 12% management fees. So when you take everything into account, our Net Guaranteed Rent system gives you the best overall net rent.

Landlord compliance– at our cost

We pay for all of the safety checks and certificates and any work needed to make sure the properties are fully compliant with safety standards. Our staff are trained to ensure we meet all legal requirements.

Guaranteed repairs – at our cost

The free Standard Maintenance Package includes a commitment to maintain the property in a good rent-able condition at our cost. Thus if boiler goes faulty – we will fix it at our expense – not yours. This system provided much better level of service – both to tenants and landlords than normal letting agents.

All landlord liabilities – We take care of

You are the owner and with your permission (which can be withdrawn at any time), we effectively become the Landlord of the property and deal with all aspects of the property on your behalf.  If we are unlucky to have a bad tenant (sometimes this happens) and they needs to be evicted by court action, we will  do this in the background and you will not need to be involved at all. All such costs will be paid by us.

No other costs. No hidden costs.

All of the costs are shown here very clearly. You will need to pay for the insurance after the first year (we have a very good deal for our clients whereby full landlord insurance is around £99 per house). There are no hidden costs. We pay all the utilities and any council tax if property should be vacant for any reason (normally the tenant pays these).

Total Solution – We do everything for you.

You can see that we work differently to normal estate agents and provide a much fuller service looking after all aspects of the property purchase, landlords’ liabilities and long term management. It is a client focused service, with no hidden costs, where we do everything for you. You fully and securely own a growing property, and get fixed guaranteed rent with no hassle! Our group of companies work efficiently and effectively to save costs in every area and are profitable whilst still providing great service and value to our clients.

Ongoing Services

After the first 3 years clients can continue with the Net Guaranteed Rent System. Long term, the Net Guaranteed Rate is 1% lower but the property price is likely to be higher – so you get 5% of the higher price.  Then over the long run, your actual rent should increase in line with property pricing. Property prices will be reviewed at end of each calendar year after the initial 3 year period. We have clients who have been on these services and our Guaranteed Rent System for over 10 years.

When everything is taken into account these properties under our Guaranteed Rent System represent the best value in the UK. In our view there is no better property investment in the UK

Video- About Find UK Property and Steps in Buying Process

Student Room Investments

Whilst there are some projects that offer good value, many do not – due to high management/service costs and short leases (student properties are not freehold). Prices are inflated with a single mini bedroom in a shared flat costing around £50,000 and they cannot be resold to anyone other than an another investor. Thus the market re-sale value may not rise (and can fall). There are many parties involved and typically these are sold by sales agents who do not have control over the property and no subsequent contact with the Buyer. We have had many customers who have contacted us wanting to exit such investments and prepared to do so even at a loss. See further details on why you should avoid buying such student property below.

'Under-Construction' Property

Take extra care when purchasing an investment property that is yet to be built or is under construction. The risks with such properties remain high. The project could be cancelled and there can be delays in completion and then in renting the properties out. Prices are often inflated by developers as properties are difficult to compare. For investment, only consider property that is ready and already rented out and buy from a company that has control over the property and remains responsible to you after the sale. Many such properties are apartments with the new modern leases (99 years) which have significant service charges (which can increase at 5 year intervals).  In our view these are not good for long term investment as they do not appreciate well in capital value. Again there are exceptions and some such properties can be suitable, especially for pure own use. However, we would recommend full houses that are already built and rented out, for long-term investment.

Section 2 - 'Own Use' UK Property

A small percentage of overseas buyers and expats are looking for pure ‘own use’ property in a particular location and we can provide help and advice; and where we cannot help we will refer to local agents. These properties are all in the 3rd party resale market and we act as Buyers Agents to help you find a suitable property. Only buy such a property if you definitely plan to use it yourself and are relocating to the UK right now. If you are not sure – buy an investment property or multiple investment properties instead. They will grow your funds and give you options for the future. You can resell them later if required to get an ‘own use’ property, or keep them, and use some of the rental income to rent an “own use” property for yourself until you are fully settled. Although there are exception, an ‘own use’ property will typically cost more, have lower rental yields, more running costs, higher risks, be harder to resell, and have lower capital growth than the commodity low cost Best Buy investment properties shown above.

UK HOMES 3-Bed to 4-Bed Detached Houses £250,000+

The properties shown here are examples of what is available in the 3rd party resale market for pure own use.

These are 3-bed and 4-bed detached houses with front drives and large gardens. Detached means that house is by itself.  These properties are not suitable for investment.

  • Large Detached Houses – From £250,000
  • Rental Yields are Lower – Best for Own use.
  • Better to buy THREE lower cost houses for investment
  • Rental demand for such properties is lower
  • Good for possible own use in the future

For investment it is better to select two smaller properties than one of these larger houses. The investment % returns are better on lower cost houses.

UK HOMES £500,000+

The properties shown here are examples of what is available in the 3rd party resale market for pure own use.

Prices vary greatly by location with the highest prices in London or the South. Overall such properties are not good for investment as the % rental yields are low and future risks may be higher.

In many cases it can be better to rent such property for holidays or for own use rather than buy – especially if your future requirements are uncertain. Many clients buy multiple lower cost investment houses with the same budget and use part of the rental income to rent these types of properties for their own use.

UK Homes £250,000 to £500,000

Only consider ‘Own Use’ properties below if you are going to be using them. Otherwise consider Investment Properties above. Let us know your requirements.

£ 249,950

3 Bed terraced House near London Heathrow Airport 20min.South UK

£ 299,000

3 Bed Semi-Detached House with gardens. Heathrow Airport 90min. South UK

£ 349,000

6 Bed House in wonderful gardens with Paddocks Man Airport 60min. Mid UK.

£ 999,000

5 Bed modern house with large gardens. Man Airport 30 min. Mid UK

UK Homes £500,000 to £1 million

We start by discussing your UK property requirements and budget, whilst advising you on what is likely to be best for you in terms of type, size, price and location.

£ 749,950

5 Bed House with large gardens & outbuildings Man Airport 90min. Mid UK

£ 750,000

5 Bed House with great views of river & 4 acres land. Man Airport 90min. Mid UK

£ 999,000

4 Bed new House near motorway network. Heathrow Airport 90min. South UK

£ 999,000

5 Bed modern house with gardens and garage.Heathrow Airport 60 min. South UK

UK Investment Properties

The UK is one of the world’s best areas for secure property investment. Prices on UK property are now low after the last recession and rental returns are good with up to 8% gross rental yields on low cost properties. Now prices are expected to rise in line with economic recovery in the UK and prices on lower cost properties could double within 5 to 8 years. Find UK Property provides a complete service to overseas property investors and expats and other investors in the UK. Our view is that lower cost terraced houses of £59,999 to £80,000 in the North West and the North East provide the best value for investment and will produce the best capital and rental growth over the long term. Property in London is now too expensive and gives poor rental yields of around 3% and is not good value for investment. Select one of the properties at the top of this page.

Residency in the UK

The UK is an “open country” for property investment. Any National of any country can buy property in the UK. We are managing over 1,000 properties for overseas clients. Buying any property in the UK does NOT give any automatic rights to residency, long term visa or citizenship. All of our overseas clients buy such properties for long term secure investment and to give them options in the future. We keep them rented out for them and they can choose to keep the rental income in the UK and use this for their holiday accommodation, children’s university fees or other needs. This gives them much more flexibility and works out to be more cost effective. Thus the investment property can be in a different location and size to their holiday accommodation to deliver the maximum yield and long term growth potential. 

However, buying a property does increase your links with the UK and allows you to have income in the UK and be registered with HMRC tax office (although you may not pay any tax if your income is below £12,500 per person per year). It gives you options for the future and such a purchase may still be worth considering if you have long term plans to spend more time in the UK. If residency is your main aim – then you should not buy a property – but seek appropriate visa or immigration advice. 

Find UK Property act for the Buyer

We are the ‘buyers’ search agent and specialise in helping serious overseas buyers, expats and buy-to-let investors find the most suitable UK property for their needs, at the lowest price. Prices in the South and London are now very high and the vest value and highest rental yields are offered on lower cost properties in the North West and the North East. Thus for investment properties we specialise in the North West near Manchester and also in the North East – Teesside (Middlesbrough and Stockton) areas.

Property in London

The London region contains the most prime property in the UK with prices several times higher than other regions of the UK for the same size of property. Most of the properties in London are terraced houses or apartments with relatively few detached properties. Over the past 20 years London has done very well, but the future looks less promising. Prices in London did not fall and as a consequence are not expected to rise as fast. It is also more likely to be affected by Brexit uncertainties. In many cases property outside of London can offer better value with higher rental yields and most investors are no longer considering London area as it does not represent good value now.

Currently we do not recommend properties in or anywhere near London or the South as the prices there are very high and the % rental yields are too low. The same properties which we sell for £60,000 here in the North West or the North East over £300,000 in the South. In the past London has done very well in capital growth – however this is less likely to be the case going forward and the risks of buying here are ow higher. Many clients just RENT near London (if they have to be near London for holidays or for work) but they BUY multiple low cost investment properties away from London as this gives them higher income, and better potential for the future with lower risks.

UK Property Prices

UK property prices have on average doubled in value every 8 to 10 years for the past 60 years. The only exception to this was the worldwide financial crisis in 2007 and prices fell by around 30%  in most areas of the UK between 2007 and 2012. Then UK Property prices were relatively stable for a few years and have recently started to grow again. Most analysts think that prices will increase rapidly now in line with the economic recovery and then gradually increase over the long term. The prices are expected to follow the previous trend whereby they double in value over about 8 years.

The market price of existing houses does vary with what is included in the property, if it is renovated or not, and its underlying condition. If you look at online property portals and look at any particular postal area or street for the same type of houses, you will see that for low cost properties, the prices may vary greatly. The reason for this is, the internal state of the house and degree of renovation. If a house has structural issues and is derelict then the price will be much lower. If the house is basically in good condition but needs renovating then you will see an average price; if in good conditions with recent renovation then price will be higher.  These are not brand new houses or new identical apartments and thus are not all at the same price. Prices vary greatly depending on the house conditions. That is why we renovate all of them to a set standard and then sell at a set price depending on value and rent, with associated guarantees and management package. Our clients like the peace of mind and the total solution we offer. Overall we deliver great value and service.

Use By Children as University Accommodation

If you looking for a property that is near a university so that this can be used by your children if and when they do come to study in the UK, then our advice is that you should NOT purchase property yet. The problems is that the selected property may not be in the right location, in the right community, convenient for your child – even if it is near the town you think your child will study at. It is better for them to rent University accommodation initially and have the ability to move around to ensure they are in a convenient and safe location for their studies. We have many clients from overseas who wish to do this but practically, they never end up using their own properties for one reason or another.

Again you could get a pure investment property that you leave rented out all of the time and use this income to pay for your child’s university accommodation. This will give you and your child more flexibility.

Effects of Brexit – Demand Has Increased

The vote by the UK to leave the European Union has actually increased our sales and demand for low cost property away from London. The interest in UK property from all other countries in the world (including old commonwealth countries) has increased as the expectation is that bilateral UK links with other countries will be stronger. However, London, is more reliant on EU links and prices here are already very high. So any negative news could have a negative effect on London prices. Already many investors are moving away from London to consider lower cost properties in the middle of the UK or the North. This will have a positive effect on such lower cost properties and we have seen increases in demand already. 

Holiday Use

If you are looking for “holiday use” for only 1 or 2 months of the year, then in most instances it will be best for you to buy a property most suited for investment and to leave that rented out all of the time. You can keep the rental income in the UK and then use this income to pay for your holiday accommodation, as and when you visit. This is better, and gives you more flexibility as the investment property can be purchased for the best yields, price and investment returns – and not necessarily in areas you need to live in or visit. UK properties cannot be left vacant for long periods (as they may develop damp) and normally the tenancy agreements are for 12 months. Practically it is very difficult to use your own property for short holidays, as each time you have to give legal notice to tenants, then clean or renovate the property, change the utilities (gas, electric, water, internet etc) to your name. Then suitably furnish the property, as almost all UK properties are normally rented out unfurnished. Trying to do all these things quickly is not easy and will just spoil your holiday. It is better just to rent unless your holiday are very long (over 6 months).

Future Own Use

If you are looking mainly for “own use” in the future either because you may relocate to the UK or for possible retirement, normally we would advise you NOT to buy a property yet. It may be best for you to just rent for a short while, if and when you come to the UK –  until you were happy with the community and location. Then you could buy. Many clients end up buying in the wrong location and sometimes their circumstances change and the property purchased is not suited to their needs.

A first step in planning to come back may be a pure investment property that gives income, grows in value, and is easily affordable without a mortgage. This would give you options for the future. You could then use the rental income from the investment property to pay for any property you rent for your own or family use. This gives you more flexibility and the ability to move around until you are sure where you finally wish to live.

Our Clients – Overseas Nationals

Many overseas buyers are looking to the UK for a secure place for medium to long-term investment. They are not looking to immigrate into the UK immediately (although some may consider it in the future), but simply wish to grow their money securely and with the least amount of hassle. They usually have some link with the UK or intend to send their children to study here in the future. Many may have studied here themselves. They are looking for a company that offers a complete solution; this includes finding investment property, dealing with the purchase process and lettings and management, paying the net rent to them, dealing with UK authorities and possibly managing the future re-sale of the property. Some of them may wish to come to the UK in the future and even re-sell their investment properties to buy an ‘own use’ property.

Our Clients – UK Expats

Many of our clients are actually UK nationals who are working or living overseas. They want to invest for the long term in a safe and secure country (i.e. their own country – the UK). Some may eventually wish to retire in the UK and may sell one or more of their investment properties to get an own use property. Others will simply keep these properties for long term investment and they may pass these on to their children. Having a real asset that they own outright and that grows in value, generating good retirement income makes sense for them and they feel safe in having such a property in the UK. Many clients start with one property and in later years acquire more to build a small portfolio. We can help them in this process (see customer case studies section).

Our Clients – UK Residents

Many UK residents living in the south or in London are now considering low cost houses for investment and long term pension type income. Prices in London and the South are very high and % rental yields much lower. The same property which we sell for £60,000 here in the North West or the North East is over £300,000 in the South. In the past London has done very well in capital growth – however this is less likely to be the case going forward and the risks of buying here are now higher. Our clients from the UK also like our “hand-off” system where we work differently to normal Estate Agents and Letting Agents and provide a much more comprehensive service looking after all aspects of the purchase and the subsequent long term management with a Guaranteed Rent System. Our UK clients are mainly either busy professionals working in or near London or those that have retired or coming up to retirement.

Beware of Student Room Investments

These are single rooms within student flats and sold as leased investment units. The properties are built by builders and developers, marketed and sold by sales companies and managed by different student management companies. The rooms can only be rented out by the management company – you cannot use them or rent them out yourself. They can only be re-sold to another investor who agrees for them to be continued to be used as student-only accommodation.

Student rooms are not really comparable with freehold houses and would be impossible to sell without the guarantees made by the companies advertising them. Unfortunately, such guarantee wording is drafted in a way in which there is a ‘get-out’ for the developers, managing companies and sales agents in case the yields and growth are not achieved. This means that it is in fact the investors that carry the risks. Whilst there are some projects that offer good value, many do not due to high management/ service costs and short leases (student properties are not freehold). Prices are inflated with a single mini bedroom in a shared flat costing around £50,000 and they cannot be sold to anyone other than an investor. Thus, the market re-sale value may not rise (and can fall).

With the student investments, there can be several parties involved – properties are sold by the commission based sales company, they are purchased from the developer or builder, and the student management company who you will be dealing with is completely different. When you purchase a standard house with our help, we are responsible and liable for all aspects of the purchase, rental and management; we remain your contact for the life-time of your investment.

Avoid Hotel Rooms, Care Homes, Car Parks & Storage Pod Investments

These fall into a similar category to student pods. The values are inflated, there is no true re-sale market (can only be sold to another investor) and capital growth is not realised. There are multiple companies and contracts in each transaction and no one company totally accountable to the investor. Whilst returns may be guaranteed for a short period there are hidden charges. Standard buy-to-let houses are better as you “own” the property yourself and future capital growth is better.


NOTE: This website shows ‘own use’ properties, pictures and indicative pricing that is approximately representative of the UK property market. These specific own use properties are NOT advertised for sale on this website. The aims are to give you an idea of the different types of own use UK property that is available at each price point. We will take your requirements and produce an up-to-date shortlist of properties to meet your specific needs.

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