What We Do

What We Do

Find UK Property sell low cost houses to property buyers from the UK and all over the World. All of our properties are located in 28 towns in North East and North West England. Our clients have 100% control of their properties and most rent them directly to us after purchase. This enables them to become passive investors, yet still retain full management control. There are no property management or letting agents. We become your direct long-term tenants and agree to pay you net rent and maintain the properties at our cost.  You fully own the property, benefit from long term rental income and future property capital growth, but do not need to do anything – in our agreement we agree to keep the property in a good rentable condition at our own cost. We treat the properties like our own and rent them out to our own subtenants. In that relationship, we become the landlord of the property and are liable for all tenants and property issues. We renovate properties well, and keep them in a good condition, with the aim of getting more rent from our subtenants than we have to pay you. This way we can cover our costs and remain profitable.

Section 3 of the Main Video (or alternatively the shorter video below) explain in detail our background, history, how we work and what we do. It is worth watching this.

What We Don’t Do

Whilst you can use your property for own use, or even holiday use in the future, we do not sell properties for immediate “own use”.  Normally properties are already rented out to sub-tenants and you need to let us have the required notice period if you wish to live in it- so that we can deal with our tenant. Then you can take possession of your property and use it for your own use, holiday use or rent out to another tenant directly or via letting agents. We do not sell property in the Midlands or South – Only in the towns in the North East and in Lancashire in the North West. We do not offer mortgages althoug clients can re-mortgage themseleves later after purchase from us. However we do offer the DIY2 system which actually works out better than mortgages as our low cost proerties mean you can buy in stages without taking our loans or paying interest. We help you by fixing the prices for upto 10 years. 

Our Clients Are Worldwide

UK Residents

Many UK residents living in the south or in London are now considering low cost houses for investment and long term pension type income. Prices in London and the South are very high and % rental yields much lower. The same property which we sell for £75,000 here in the North is well over £300,000 in the South. In the past London has done very well in capital growth – however this is less likely to be the case going forward and the risks of buying here are now higher. Our clients from the UK also like the fact that they retain 100% management control of their property but are still able to be passive investors by renting the property directly to Find UK Property. Most of our UK clients are mainly either busy professionals working in or near London, those that have retired or coming up to retirement, or those looking for their first property and find that the North is the only locations where properties are affordable.

Overseas Nationals

Many overseas buyers are looking to the UK for a secure place for medium to long-term investment. They are not looking to immigrate into the UK immediately (although some may consider it in the future), but simply wish to grow their money securely and with the least amount of hassle. They usually have some link with the UK or intend to send their children to study here in the future, or may have relatives in UK. Many may have studied here themselves. They are looking for a company that offers a complete solution; this includes finding investment property, dealing with the purchase process and giving them options for lettings and management, paying the net rent to them, dealing with UK authorities and possibly managing the future re-sale or buy back of the property. Our system gives them all of these options whilst they retain 100% management control of their property. Some of them may wish to come to the UK in the future and use their own property or even re-sell their investment properties to buy an ‘own use’ property in locations where they work or want to live.

UK Expats

Many of our clients are actually UK nationals who are working or living overseas. They want to invest for the long term in a safe and secure country (i.e. their own country – the UK). Some may eventually wish to retire in the UK and may sell one or more of their investment properties to get an own use property. Others will simply keep these properties for long term investment and they may pass these on to their children. Having a real asset that they own outright and have 100% management control over, and that grows in value, generating good retirement income makes sense for them; and they feel safe in having such a property in the UK. Many clients start with one property and in later years acquire more to build a small portfolio. We can help them build a portfolio of properties via our DIY-2 deals where they can fix the prices and buy in stages over a period of upto 10 years – without using mortgages or taking loans. This is made possible becuase our properties are low cost and can be purchased in stages.

Ideal Investment Properties

Our low cost investment properties are ideal for this purpose. These properties deliver amongst the best net rental yields in the UK and are expected to grow well in capital value over next few years. Rather than purchasing ONE more expensive property, it is far better to purchase multiple, smaller, lower cost investment properties for the same budget. This will deliver better overall net rent, greater capital growth, less risk, be more tax efficient and provide more flexibility.

We Are Fully Licensed


We are fully licensed members of the National Association of Estate Agents. Our staff have passed the relevant examinations set by the National Federation of Property Professionals. One of our staff was officially recognised by NFoPP as achieving the highest marks amongst all UK Estate Agents in 2012. In our agreement with you we are your tenants and are not acting as your management agents – as you retain full management control. 

Customers can have the confidence of knowing that they will be dealing with a company that has undertaken to treat them fairly if problems arise, and deliver customer service standards that go beyond minimum legal requirements. We are members of the Property Ombudsman’s Scheme (Regulatory Scheme) and follow the Trading Standard Approved Code.

We are regulated by the Information Commissioner (Data Protection Act) and customers can be confident that any ID or passport copy information they provide will be treated confidentially and kept secure.

Next Steps

In order to discuss your requirements, it is best to complete an enquiry form under the relevant section on the home page by clicking “Click Here for Enquiry Form/ Brochure”. We will send you the full brochure links and contact you at your request. Alternatively email [email protected] or call the advice hotline number above to discuss your needs.

VIDEO – Who we are and What we do.

This video explains who are Find UK Property, the services we provide, and why you should use us. It also covers our history and background. The content in this video is similar to Section 3 of the Main Property Video