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Click the leaflet link below to download a mobile friendly summary of all properties – Type H1 to H8, and the steps in the buying process.

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You may also receive a second email from one of the senior property consultants designated to deal with your specific enquiry or they may give you a call to discuss your requirements and answer any questions directly.

Things to Discuss

When talking over your requirements, our staff will need to discuss your provisional decision on the type of property that interests you most (e.g. Type H2, H3 etc – although this can be amended at time of selection), your timeline, and if you will be able to follow the investment property purchase process and provide the ID documents required.

Next Step

The next step after reading the email is for you to provide us with some information, so that we can send you a draft agreement and arrange a video meeting. The information we need is ID of buyers (passport copy and address ID) & contact details (email, telephone to go on agreement), preferred property type (e.g. H2, H3 etc – this can be changed later), if you already own a UK property or not, and the best time and date for the video meeting. After the video meeting, once you are happy to proceed, you can make the reservation by signing the agreement and lodging £3,000 reservation payment into the client account. Reservation fixes the price and gives you priority. As demand is higher than supply, property selection is normally a few weeks after reservation, in reservation date order.

Offers Valid Until End of Month

UK prices are rising.  The offers and prices are only valid until end of this month. In order to secure current offers, please ensure reservation is made by 25th of this Month.

Property Information

If you have not already watched this video, please watch this to the end as this will provide very useful information. The video includes 4 sections starting at the times shown below. You can fast forward to relevant section if needed but we recommend you watch it all.

  • 04:37 – Section 1  What Are The Best Investment Properties in the UK – 25 Min
  • 25:01 – Section 2  The Best Methods to Search, Buy and Manage  -15 Min
  • 40:11 – Section 3  Who Are Find UK Property & Why Use Us? – 14 Min
  • 53:44 – Section 4  The Practical Steps in The Buying Process – 22 Min

The above video covers everything you need to know – worth watching right to the end.

Find UK Property on BBC TV

The BBC Television Program “BBC Homes Under Hammer” has featured us on FIVE episodes on Nationwide Television viewed by over 2 million viewers. Each episode shows a property in poor condition purchased from an auction and its subsequent full renovation under the eyes of the BBC Homes Under the Hammer Team.

The BBC filmed each property before, during and after renovation and obtained independent Estate Agent valuations. They also interviewed various family members and managers from the business. Some of the filming is over 4/5 years old and the property types and prices quoted in the BBC programs do not reflect current pricing of properties which have increased over past 5 years

Each Episode has a short 3 minute introduction by Tariq and then the Episode begins.

See all 5 Episodes on Testimonials Page


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