BBC TV Episodes and Customer Testimonials

BBC TV Episodes

The BBC Television Program “BBC Homes Under Hammer” has featured us on FIVE episodes on Nationwide TV viewed by over 2 million viewers. A BBC Episode has been produced in each of the last 5 years.

We acquire most of our houses direct from sellers but in about 10% of cases we buy from auctions – like in these 5 BBC episodes. Each episode shows a property in poor condition purchased from an auction and its subsequent full renovation under the eyes of the BBC Homes Under the Hammer Team.  The BBC filmed each property before, during and after renovation and obtained independent Estate Agent valuations. They also interviewed various family members and managers from the business.

Each Episode has a short 3 minute introduction by our Group Director  – Tariq, and then the Episode begins and highlights of each episode are shown.  The introduction is similar in all 5 episodes. Please note that all prices shown are out of date.

BBC Episode 1 – 2018

BBC Episode 2 – 2019

BBC Episode 3 – 2020

BBC Episode 4 – 2021

BBC Episode 5 – 2022

Current Topics in UK Property – Q & A

These videos feature our existing clients who talk about important topics in property investment. They are invited to ask questions on the topic which are then answered and explained in detail by Dr Tarq. This may be useful as you circumstances and concerns may be similar to these clients who have already purchased from us. Each video has the same 1 minute summary of what we do (you may wish to skip this).

Houses or Apartments?  – Steve Bucknall

Steve Bucknall asks the question on this topic and explains why he purchased from Find UK Property and his experience with a longer section at the end. Steve is a UK national and is now a programmer working for a multi-national bank. He has worked in UAE and is now in China. He covers his experiences in detail. A very good watch for those wanting a “hands-off” passive investment.

Buy What for £70,000?  – Tony Soya

Tony Soya is originally from Nigeria and is now working in East Africa. He has purchased two houses from us over the past 9 years.

North or South? Where is Best?  Jeanette and Tony Daley

Jeanette and Tony are retired UK nationals who used to live in the South of England, near London, but bought investment properties in the North to give themselves passive pension type income. They are now fully retired and living in Spain – enjoying the weather.

Buy Now or Wait? Property Market in 2023 –  Waseem Rashid

Waseem is a UK national, originally from Pakistan. He is working in  Abu Dhabi and has managed to save money to purchase multiple low-cost properties for long-term investment and to give him options when he comes back to the UK. He already owns 3 houses and is saving up to buy 2 more before he returns to the UK. He askes the very important question – should you buy a low-cost investment property right now – in 2023

Customer Testimonials –  5 Years Old

Some of our existing clients who have purchased from us over many years have kindly provided testimonials and comments about their experience when buying investment properties from Find UK Property. All these clients have been with us for over 5 to 10 years and many have purchased multiple properties and also recommended us to other clients. Around 10 years ago, many of our clients were from overseas and expats – reflecting these testimonials. Now most of our clients are from the UK. These clients have also kindly agreed to speak with anyone to give their feedback directly. In order not to bother them unnecessarily, we can arrange this once you are ready to proceed but before you make any payment.

We asked them to use their own words and cover these areas:-
– A bit of information about themselves.
– Why they wanted to invest and main criteria.
– Their concerns and how these were addressed.
– Are they happy and what did they like the most.
– Would they recommend us?

ALL these clients have owned properties with us for more than 5 years.

ALL these clients have owned properties with us for more than 5 years.