“I am a UK citizen, PhD holder living in Qatar with my wife and three children. I work at the Qatar Leadership Academy. I and my family are privileged enough to be able to save some money during our stay in Qatar. We were looking for a safe way where we could invest our money rather than just leaving it in the bank. I have been always very interested in investing in property and I believe that investment in property is probably better, safer and more promising compare to other forms of investment. Accordingly, we started looking all over the world for a property at a reasonable price and that could be rented and managed by a reliable agent. We wanted an agent who could take care of all purchasing and rental procedures without hassle to us, as we are living abroad. Find UK property was recommended to me by my sister who had an excellent experience with them when she bought a property in Dubai from their sister company – Openshore Property. She had also visited them at their UK offices and seen their operations. My initial main concern was whether Find UK was a licensed company that could operate properly and according to UK laws and regulations and provide satisfactory services with no hidden costs. I became confident after doing my own research on Find UK Property and got in touch with them. Their staff seemed very professional and highly trained and my concerns were fully answered and we were given many options and the right recommendation. I was not able to visit myself but was able to make a reservation and subsequently selected a property with which I was happy with. One of my friends also purchased a property from Find UK Property around a similar time and he was able to visit and see his property as well as mine. Now I have my own Property which is registered under my name and the rent is deposited quarterly in my account even though I haven’t yet seen it physically myself. I am very happy with the whole purchasing procedure and the professional and excellent attitude of all the staff. Everything was explained clearly and all questions and concerns were addressed promptly. I also liked the guaranteed rent scheme which gave me the peace of mind that I was looking for and no additional costs such maintenance fees and service charges. I have already recommended Find UK Property to my friends and relatives in Qatar who are looking to purchase soon. I have explained to them how simple the procedure is of purchasing a property in UK with help from Find UK Property.”
Dr. Kamal Badar - Qatar