“I am a UK national and have been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the last five years. I work as a doctor in one of the main hospitals here and do not have any definite plans in terms of future location. I wanted to invest my hard earned money in a property which I could rent out and earn from, at the same time protecting the investment. The UK seemed like the perfect location, a stable economy where property prices slowly increase over the long term. My funds were limited and so I was looking for a low cost property with reasonable rental yields which someone else would manage for me, as I knew I would not be able to devote much time to the project. Find UK Property was originally introduced to me by another doctor colleague of mine who had visited them a few years back when he went to the UK. When I explored this further, I noted that the houses were low cost and the company made what seemed like very good promises about rental guarantees and managing the property. But, I was initially worried the house would be in an awful condition due to the low price offered, and I was concerned that rent might not always be forthcoming. However, photographs of the property and further information from another colleague who had dealt with the company over a long period previously, allayed my concerns. I was left reassured that Find UK Property was a trustworthy organization that would live up to their pledges. Currently I couldn’t be happier with how things are going. I am the legal owner of the property, the payment scheme was to my liking, and the property is being managed without any issues. The best thing is the personal touch in dealing with the company. I always have had my questions answered promptly. I also like the “hands off” approach to the whole purchase, the fact that I was able to complete everything from abroad and that my property is being managed without any involvement from myself – A hassle free investment! Most importantly, they have lived up to the claims that they made at the beginning. Guaranteed rent, no need for excessive travel, good quality property management, hassle free purchase, and professional communications. Another colleague of mine also purchased a very similar property at the same time as I did, and he too has been very happy with the purchase. I would certainly recommend Find UK Property to anybody who was looking for a low cost, hassle free, UK property investment with good rental yields, and no time for all of the difficulties of property management. Such an investment lets your savings work, without having to put in any work yourself! I have already recommended the company to several others here, and recently the father of one of my Saudi colleagues has also purchased.”
Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud - Saudi Arabia