“I am a UK expat, living in the Middle East for the past 5 years. I plan to return to the UK in the next 2 years. I wanted a better return on my savings than interest in the bank. I also wanted an investment that would grow in value, so I started to look at suitable low cost investment property in the UK. My main criteria were as follows:- -The investment had to be less than £75K as this was my maximum budget. -It needed to be secure – such as freehold property in my own country. -It needed to be low maintenance as I did not have the time to deal with any property or tenant issues. -It had to generate income and increase in value over the long term. When I initially contacted the company I had many worries. May main concerns were:- -It is real? With so many Internet scams you always have to take steps to make sure. -Can I trust them? They would be looking after my investment for a very long time and I wanted to check if they were the sort of company that would deliver on their promises. -Is this a good investment in terms of net rental income and future capital growth over the long term. All of my concerns and worries were addressed before and during my visit. Good information was given before my visit and the all the details explained. At the visit, I saw the properties, met the lawyer, and was guided through the process of purchasing the property. I am happy with the services provided and the return on my investment. They are indeed delivering on their promises. The thing I liked most was that everything was done for me and if it wasn’t, I was guided accordingly. I also like the fact that questions were answered quickly, there was no sales pressure when initially considering this investment, and my rental income is paid correctly and on time. Yes – I would recommend Find UK Property to anyone in my position considering a long term investment. It is an easy and secure way to earn income and grow your money. Property investment is a safe way to invest for the future.”
Cheryl McKenna