“I and my wife live in the Cayman Islands but we are UK nationals. I had savings and wanted to use these to earn income. Property is very expensive here in the Cayman Islands and I thought about investing in the UK. Initially I did a lot of research into various types of low cost property investments including Student accommodation, hotel apartments, car parking spaces, commercial properties and storage units. The biggest problem with these was that there seemed to be no genuine resale market. I was worried about the value I was getting for my money. I also found that many of the companies selling these types of investments were very aggressive with their sales tactics – calling me many times a day to force me to make a decision. I also came across Find UK Property on the internet and liked what they were offering. The prices were within my budget and these were real residential properties from the market which had been fully renovated and could be used by anyone and re-sold at any time. I also liked their guaranteed rent system and purchase process which meant that I would not need make visits to the UK to acquire a property investment. The thing I liked most was that they were able to answer all of my questions professionally and in detail. They did not pester me at all and just provided what seemed like good common sense advice. On the basis of this and the fact this fitted in exactly with my requirements, I decided to make a reservation without even a visit. They helped me select the specific 2-bed property and kept me well informed throughout the purchase process. We decided to purchase the property under our joint names. If something happens to me then I know that the property will automatically pass to my wife without her having to do anything. The documents were attested by our lawyer here in Grand Cayman and the properties were transferred to us. I made my final payment in USD as this was easier and the exchange rate offered by my bank was not as good as that offered by their bank – Nat West. Since then, they have also helped me register with the Tax office so that I can receive my rental income without any deduction of tax and we have been getting the rental income regularly. I asked them to send the rent every 6 months to minimise bank transfer costs – the bank charges here are quite high. I believe that Find UK Property are one of the best real estate companies in the UK. I am happy to recommend them to anyone wanting to buy investment property in the UK.”
Edward Alberga – Grand Cayman