“I am Nigerian national living in East Africa and have been interested in property investment for a long time. I had some savings which I wanted to invest for the long term, to generate good income and also to protect my funds from inflation. I worked in the UK before moving to East Africa and I now often visit the UK. I felt the UK was the best location for secure long term investment. Getting rental income in sterling currency was important as other currencies are depreciating. I came across Find UK Property on the Internet and made contact with them. They seemed to offer the full service I was looking for and the property pricing was within my budget. However, I was initially concerned about two main things. Firstly, I wanted to make sure that the company was set up to provide good long term service and would deliver on all of the services promised. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that these properties were in good condition and the prices charged were representative of their value. So I decided to make a visit to their offices to see their operation, meet with solicitors and also view a number of properties. The visit went very smoothly and I spent 3 to 4 hours with them and viewed a number of renovated properties and some under renovation. Both of my main concerns were satisfactorily addressed and I decided to make a reservation. After the visit I felt confident that the company and its people would look after me, and I started thinking of possibly buying another property in the future. Subsequently I agreed my specific 2-bedroom house and that property was transferred to me within 4 to 6 weeks and I have been getting my rental income on a regular basis. Later I decided to purchase another similar property and I did not make a visit on that occasion and did everything by email and telephone calls. The main things I liked about Find UK are as follows:- – They provide very good overall value with well renovated properties at keen prices. – Their Guaranteed Rent System means that I know exactly how much rental income I am going to get. I do not have to worry about repairs or other costs. It removes the uncertainty from property investment. – They make the buying process very easy. It would have meant a lot more effort for me to buy such properties without their help, and I am sure I would have had a lot of problems if I had used someone else. I would recommend Find UK Property to other property investors for all of the reasons above. I would suggest investors visit them, especially if they are looking to buy multiple properties. Then you will have more confidence to proceed, and it will lessen your anxieties.”
Tony Soya - Nigeria