“I am a UK national. We have lived in Bermuda for most of the last 30 years, aiming to retire and relocate back to the UK in the next few years. Originally we thought about buying our main house in advance of our return, but we were not sure where we would be living and did not have time to look at a lot of properties. We did not want to make the mistake of buying in the wrong location or a property that may not be suitable for our eventual requirements. So, we thought it made more sense to buy an investment property that would continue to grow in value and give good rental income. We could, if we wanted, later resell that and buy an “own use” property if needed. I contacted four companies through their websites to find out what services they were offering relating to investment properties. Find UK Property was the company that offered most the detail about their operation and seemed to offer the most complete service. Dealing with companies through their website and by email from 3,000 miles away, you are always concerned about scams. You want to make sure you are dealing with a real and reputable company. Thus both of us wanted to visit and do our own research to check everything out. We had a good meeting with the company at their offices and we spent about three or four hours visiting four potential properties. Our guide had been with the company many years and seemed very knowledgeable. We also met solicitors in Colne who eventually did the property transfer and the formalities with the Land Registry. Everything went smoothly and after the initial paperwork there is very little input needed from us. We receive a quarterly statement and payment just before the end of each quarter. The thing we liked the best about the whole process was the fact it was so easy. Living so far away, you want a company that handles all the details so that you do not need to worry about anything. Other things I liked was the touring of the prospective properties with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, the quick responses to any queries, and the Guaranteed Rent system. Yes – I would recommend Find UK Property to anybody who has savings. Interest rates are so low and the markets are volatile. I think diversifying into investment property make a lot of sense, and Find UK Property are an easy and reliable way of doing that.”
Paul and Donna Viney - Bermuda