“I am a Bulgarian who has been working for more than 25 years in the construction industry in Africa – mainly in West Africa. During the past few years our business, as with many other businesses, was affected by the global recession and turbulent changes in the price of crude oil – the main source of revenue in some of the West African countries. Looking for a safer area where I could invest some savings without fear that my investment could be so affected, I saw the advertisement of “Find UK Property”. Being recently a victim of an Internet fraud, initially, I approached the company with some reservation. Luckily for me, very soon I realized that I was dealing with a genuine company and the attention that I received during our discussions and e-mails, and the subsequent visit to their offices, removed all of my fears. There are many European Countries where a person can consider investing, but I do not think that there are better conditions for investment in other countries, than in the UK – (tax free income up to a certain amount due to the personal allowance, continuous appreciation of the value of the properties in UK, the policy of the Government to boost the UK economy, and many other advantages). My humble opinion is that anybody looking for secure investment should consider the property market in the UK. The properties offered by “Find UK Property” are really very attractive and good value for money. These are suitable for any potential buyer who is not sure what type of investment property they should buy. I did a lot of research and I can say that overall there is really no better offer than this in the UK for any property investor in this price range. And it is a real bonus to have such a reputable company, that is ready to offer lots of assistance and is always very professional, look after the property. From my experience of interacting and meeting with all of the people working in the company, I can say that these are highly trained professionals with a passion for their work and care for their customer. Their goal is not just to complete the deal and to add one more property to their sales. I think these people really care for their clients and want to ensure they are offering excellent service. Their business model seems to be based on making sure their customers remain happy. Picking me from the hotel in Manchester, the visit of their office, inspection of some properties, preparation of the documents – everything was arranged perfectly. Practically, the purchase of the property was completed satisfactorily and all the required registrations – Land Registry, HMRC and other formalities were done as per the stated timelines. Within a few weeks, I became the rightful owner of a property in the UK. I think the adopted business system of “Find UK Property” to acquire, renovate, rent, transfer and maintain the property on behalf of the property owner is very good, and I will strongly recommend this company and their service to anybody who is looking for a secure property investment in the UK.”
Plamen Iliev - Property Developer