“I am an Ex-Banker and now self employed as a Consultant. I am a Pakistan national based in UAE for more than 15 years. I wanted to invest in a property that was able to supplement my income, as well as preserve and/or enhance the Investment value. Long term investment objective is to supplement family income by diversifying the income streams as retirement years, approach. I wanted to diversify my investments to an overseas country that offers economically safe environment along with acceptable returns. UK is that investment destination, and is perhaps most popular amongst Middle Eastern investors. My strategy for Real Estate Investment is essentially investing in relatively safe and high yielding property. With current interest levels at less than 1% for the banking deposits, Find UK Property provided the best opportunity by providing 7% Guaranteed rental yields with option of renewals. I also had a strategy to diversify investments to another international country offering good return / acceptable country risk with strong legal support. UK offers a strong legal base and low country risk, and this was coupled with acceptable returns based on investment offered by Find UK Property. A property in the UK from Find UK Property seemed the best fit within these criteria. Initially I did have a lot of concerns. This was my first investment in the UK with no idea of property investment / purchase rules in UK, naturally there were innumerable questions and concerns. Since I am based in UAE and had no travel plans to UK, it was all the more discomforting, yet I did not want to let go of a potential investment opportunity. There was also no precedence of any friend or family member already dealing with Find UK Property. The best part of the service was the “remote handling” of the entire transaction. I did not visit UK nor the offices of Find UK Property. The entire communication was via Telephone and Emails, between UK and UAE. Yet the manner of communicating was excellent and the credit for developing my understanding of the UK Reality market goes to Find UK Property. In the end, all my concerns were addressed and I got good clarity on the Risks vis-a-vis the Returns on my investment. I believe they have offered good value for money and am satisfied with the service levels. The aspect of helping clients in the Property Registration and Taxation process for Non-Residents, remotely, is a service that perhaps very few Real Estate companies are offering, or able to satisfactorily manage. The other things I liked were, Flexibility, Accessibility & Concern for customer, and Facilitating approach. I would definitely recommend Find UK Property, especially for overseas investors.”
M.N. – Dubai. UAE