“I am a British citizen working in logistics and based in the UAE. Since leaving the United Kingdom 8 years ago, my family and I have settled in Dubai. We sold the family home in the UK soon after and decided to stay in Dubai longer than previously anticipated. We put the cash in the bank after selling the house, but we noticed that there were no high returns and no income with the cash sitting in the bank. We then looked to invest in a UK property which could generate a moderate income. After looking around for the properties and meeting many estate agents we were really finding it hard to decide on what to do. This is when we came across the Find UK Property website. It had detailed information on what services they provide and the properties they had for investments. At first we could not believe the low prices on offer for two and three bedrooms houses but then thought of giving them a try and see how they could help us. At first, we were hesitating to use their services as they were not our local agents. They answered all my enquiries by telephone and email, and I found their response very professional. After many emails and several calls I sent my ID information and got the reservation documents. After this, we made an appointment with them to view the properties to select one. As I had to travel by train, they were kind enough to send me a taxi which picked me up from the hotel. I didn’t know the area very well, and didn’t have my car. They met me at their offices and then took me around the local area showing me different properties to view, and locations of local schools, shopping malls etc. We spent most of the day viewing properties until we found a suitable one with which I was happy with. I also met the solicitor who would later complete the purchase. The whole buying procedure and property transfer process was really easy and there was support all the way from their professional team members. The good thing about the deal is that we are on a guaranteed rental income scheme, and we have been getting the agreed rental income on a regular basis. Find UK property deal with all the management as I live abroad. They are also responsible for all of the repairs and property maintenance and I do not have to worry about such issues at all, or even pay for them as these are covered under the guaranteed rent system. We are very happy with the service that we have been receiving and that’s why now, this year, we decided to buy our second property with them. I visited again and this time had my wife with me, to help me select the second property. The property was undergoing renovations when we visited. We liked the property and its location and it has recently been transferred to us. We now have two properties with them. We are glad we have chosen the right property professionals. I strongly recommend Find UK Property as they really do what they promise and the best thing is that all the members of the company are professionals and really helpful in all matters.”
Waseem Rashid