“I am an English expat living in France with my French husband. I have lived here for many years now and we are very settled. As I had some savings I thought about investing in some property in U.K., maintaining a link with England and to make my money work rather than leaving it in a deposit account where it was earning very little. As I am not resident in England I started looking around on the net for where to invest my money and came across Find UK Property. I liked the fact that they would take care of all the property searching, renovating and renting as well as all the arrangements to transfer property to us. We made a reservation and agreed to visit at the time of property selection. My husband is familiar with properties and renovations due to his line of work, and our main concern was if the properties would be in good condition and renovated well. We wanted to visit ourselves to see the properties, the local areas, and meet the company. At the visit we were met at our hotel and taken to visit 3 houses of the type we reserved in different areas, until we found one which suited us. We also made a visit to their offices and I found them very professional. The visit answered all of my concerns. Everything went very smoothly for the purchase and as promised, Find UK Property dealt with everything. With living abroad this made it very easy for us. I have found their service that I received prompt, efficient and helpful. I like their guaranteed rent system and the fact that they take care of all of the property maintenance at their cost. That way we do not need to worry about things. I would recommend Find UK Property to others looking for a similar investment. In-fact I have already recommended them to a family member – my sister Lynn McCouat (who has also provided a testimonial) who is also living abroad (in Gibraltar). She has also visited the company and has purchased a similar property nearby with their help”
Claire Floret - France