“I am a lawyer in Abuja, Nigeria and visit the UK regularly, usually in the Summer. I was looking for a low cost investment property in the UK to grow my money and give regular income for family expenses. As I visit the UK often and have my relatives here, I thought it would be the best, and the safest place to buy. Initially I was looking for a property near London that would also be useful for use by our own family in the future. However, I found that prices near London were just too high, and it was difficult to get a mortgage when you are not resident in the UK. Also the rental was not as good as I wanted when compared to the price of the properties. I think somebody in our office recommended I look at Find UK Property. I found the prices to be very reasonable and I very much liked their guaranteed rent system; but was initially concerned about the company as I did not know them. I asked my cousin who was a UK national and living in London to make a visit to their offices and meet up with them. He was very good and did his research and visited the company. When he visited, he called me to say that he was happy with the company and the staff and recommended I go ahead with the reservation. I then made a reservation and decided to visit myself a few weeks later before making the 90% payment. I visited with my aunt and we travelled by train from London to Preston. They collected us from the station and showed us their business and answered all of my and my aunt’s questions. We were very happy with the visit and the property which had been renovated when we visited. We made the final payment and the property was transferred to us a few weeks later. I am very happy with their service. They always respond quickly to any questions by email or phone call. I am getting my guaranteed rental regularly and have had no issues with the property at all. The purchase has proceeded exactly as per the steps outlined by them and as they promised. I am happy to recommend Find UK Property to anyone in Nigeria who wishes to buy a low cost investment property in the UK with good service.”
Suzanna Okonkwo