“I am a pilot living in Hong Kong and I am British. I was looking to get an investment property basically to get a good return on the money invested, with decent rental income and future property capital growth over the long term. Because I am from the UK, I wanted to buy a UK property to keep my connection with the UK. When I found out about Find UK Property, I was initially hesitant – Were they real? So I did do my own research and made enquiries by phone and email to satisfy myself. I liked the service they were offering that would enable me to purchase easily and would provide long term management with guaranteed rent and property maintenance. Due to my work and the distance involved, I did not visit prior to purchase and everything has been done by email or phone. All of my questions have been answered satisfactorily and the purchase and subsequent management has proceeded as expected with no surprises. I was able to make the reservation, make payments, select the property and get it all transferred to my name whilst still being abroad. They sent me Land Registry forms to complete and I provided my ID documents, attested by a local solicitor here to enable registration at the UK Land Registry. I like the fact that all of the staff respond very quickly and so far, I have been getting all of my rental money on time. There have been no tenant or property issues for me to worry about and I understand that even if there were any such issues in the future, the company would fix them without my involvement. The guys have been very good, and arranging the tax exemption was easy. I would recommend Find UK Property for someone looking for an investment who doesn’t have a lot of time and is living abroad. There are many UK nationals living and working abroad that would benefit from this service. The whole process was all very simply and painless and exactly as agreed.”
Matthew Murphy