“I am an Information Security professional and although I am a UK national, I have been living and working in South Africa for many years. I am close to retirement age, but not sure yet whether I will retire in the UK or stay in South Africa for a time. I was interested in an investment property in the UK, as I was looking for two things – One, to spread the risk in terms of my investments, and property is generally regarded as a reasonably safe investment, and Two, to generate an income to supplement my retirement income. Besides, money sitting in the bank earns very little, and I believe money should work for you. In looking for property, I had a limited budget, so was looking for low-end properties, and it was most important to find a truly “hands off” investment with a reasonable rate of return. In looking for such opportunities I came across Find UK Property on the internet. After exchanging a few emails with Find UK Property, I decided to go ahead with the investment. I must confess I was a little nervous, as I knew nothing about the areas or the company, and I took some time to make up my mind. I was concerned whether I would actually get value for money. I opted for the rental guarantee option as it was the more secure, although a slightly lower return. In the end, I made the decision, and bought a property, sight unseen, trusting in Find UK Property to provide good advice in terms of both the property and the area. The entire transaction was handled very professionally by Find UK Property and their nominated attorneys, both of whom displayed a lot of patience in their dealings with me. Some months after the transaction was concluded, I travelled to the UK and was able to visit my property. I was pleasantly surprised, although Find UK Property had kept me updated throughout the process, and the house had been redecorated and was in good condition. So far the entire experience has been a pleasant one – the people at Find UK Property are helpful and very professional, and although it is still early days in terms of my investment, I am confident they will continue to look after me as a client. Factors which I found of benefit in using Find UK Property: 1. A truly “hands-off” experience – everything was done promptly and professionally 2. Excellent communication throughout the process 3. Guaranteed rent and a buy-back option – which instils more confidence 4. Friendly, prompt and efficient service For those reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Find UK Property. Perhaps best to try and view some properties before you buy, but if you can’t (as I couldn’t), you can trust them – and that’s what counts an awful lot…”
Peter Burgess