“I am a retired Accountant living with my wife in Cyprus and I am a UK National. I have worked in Europe and also lived and worked in the UK and also the Middle East. As we both gave up work prior to retirement age and thus being ineligible for a pension until later in life. We looked for a guaranteed regular income and an investment property in the UK seemed a way of providing this and hopefully capital growth over a period of time. We were looking for a hands of investment providing regular guaranteed Income over a period of time. Like most people we were initially concerned about sending a large sum of money to buy an aged property in an area of which we didn’t have any knowledge. Owing to our own circumstances we could not view any properties However after several email questions and answers and telephone conversations with a director of the Company our concerns were allayed. The purchase of the first property was seamless; we selected the allocated property and paid the monies and then receive the agreed rental every quarter direct into our bank account. We have since purchased a further two properties and are very happy with the service provided. When there was an initial issue regarding the allocated property we had chosen, then a Director contacted us personally by both email and telephone to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. We understand that mistakes are made and we evaluate how good a Company is from how they deal with such an issue. Find UK Property is a “One Stop Company” which Acquires, Renovates & Manages a low cost Investment Property for the client. We would not have any hesitation in recommending the Company.”
Steven Fenech