“I am a Zimbabwean national and have been working in Africa for 15 years. I run a business in the microfinance/moneylending market. I hope to retire soon and will probably relocate to the UK sometime in the next 10 years. I wanted to buy investment property in the UK because I wanted to grow my savings and generate income. I visit the UK often as part of my business and thought that it would be a safe place for investment. I would eventually be reconsidering relocating to the UK in the next 10 years. I wanted to buy a property that would give a good net rental income and also grow in value over the long term. It should be easy to rent out and easy to resell should I ever need to resell – although I do not have plans to resell. I also wanted it to come with some sort of rental guarantee and a good management package so that I would not need to deal with anything as my work keeps me very busy and I am usually not in the UK. Initially, I thought the prices were very low and I was worried that these low cost properties would not be in a good condition. I also thought that Find UK Property may not live up to all of the claims such as Guaranteed Rent and free repairs. On paper it seemed too good and I wanted to visit to check things out myself. I enjoyed the visit to their offices and it was indeed just like the video that I had seen on their website. I travelled from London by train and they picked me up from Preston Station. I spend 3 to 4 hours with them. They answered all of my questions and concerns well, and I also met an external solicitor for ID attesting. I saw several properties in various stages of renovation in different areas in several towns. The visit was good as it addressed all of my main concerns and I was happy to proceed with the property reservation and select my specific property later. I was very happy with the purchase. All the staff I have had contact with (Gary, Tariq, Hashim, Jess, Andy) have been very helpful and I have not had any issues at all. My property purchase was completed and property has been registered under my name at the Land Registry. I have received the title documents. I have been getting my rent on a regular basis paid into my bank account at end of each quarter. Last year I purchased another property and now I will be buying my third property within the next month. I like the Guaranteed Rent system the most, as this takes away any worries and I know exactly what I am going to get on my investment. Other things I like is the fact that I do not have to worry about any repairs or tenant issues. I also like the fact that the company is not a sales company but just provides good service and responds very quickly to any requests. They seem genuinely set up to provide long term service and customer satisfaction. I would recommend Find UK Property because they do exactly what they say in their marketing and literature. I have already recommended them to my colleagues.”
Norman Zimbeva