“I am a Kuwaiti retired naval Officer. After 30 years of service in the Kuwaiti Navy, I was looking for peace of mind. I started to think of making my savings do the work for me. I thought Great Britain is a safe place to do my investment. I think it is a stable property market. I was looking for long term investment so that I would receive pension type income. I wanted a good net rental yield from the property and growth in value over the long term – Not to forget good management Package and rental guarantee. Actually, at first, I wasn’t sure that Find UK Property will keep their word & guarantees they state on the website and emails, but I was wrong – they kept their words and provided very good service. Because of my initial concerns, I made the effort of making a special visit just to see them, look at the properties, meet a solicitor and to make sure that my investments would be safe. When I came, I really enjoyed the visit to meet them at their offices and to see the properties. They picked me up from a hotel in Manchester and later dropped me off at the rail station as I had to do some things in London. I spent 4 hours with them and over this time I asked many questions and satisfied myself. They also took me to a lawyer firm to meet a solicitor, who later did my purchase registration at the Land Registry. I saw numerous properties in different areas in several towns. The visit was good as it addressed all of my concerns and I was happy to buy two 2-bed properties. I am very happy with my purchases. The people at Find UK property have been very good (especially Hashim, Gary, Andy and Tariq). My properties have been registered under my name at the Land Registry and I have got the documents for both of my properties. They have been paying my rent regularly at the end of each quarter into my bank account. The thing I like most is the Guaranteed rent system as this mean I do not need to worry about anything and I know for sure what my payments will be in the future. Other things I like are:- – They always reply quickly and fully to any of my questions – Everything is done by them. I do not need to worry about anything or deal with tenants or repairs – They give good honest advice and do not oversell. Yes. I would recommend Find UK Property and I have already recommended them to my brother’s family who have also purchased a larger 3-bed property, without even visiting them. The property has been registered under their name and they are also getting rental income regularly. Find UK Property do not over promise and deliver on exactly what they say. Thanks for the opportunity for me to provide this feedback. Lastly, I like to say, thank you so much Tariq and Hashim – you were very supportive. ”
Khaled Abdullah Alhuwail