“I am a national of Thailand and I visit the UK often. I am a business owner and am normally resident in Thailand. I first wanted to purchase a property in the UK for long term investment which I could also use for holidays. However, large properties near London were very expensive. After discussing with Find UK, I agreed just to buy an investment property in Lancashire and leave it rented. They suggested I use some of the rental income for my holidays and this seemed like a good idea. Before making any reservation, I and my husband wanted to visit the company and also see the properties. We planned a visit with the entire family and arranged to fit a visit to Burnley in our UK travel schedule. When we visited the whole extended family was with us – all 7 of us. The staff at Find UK property were very helpful and took us all around in the 8 seater car to see different properties. We were quite happy with the company and the types of properties. We also met a solicitor after viewing the properties. After the visit, we were quite confident about the company and we agreed to make a reservation of a 2-bed type of property without specifying a specific property at that time. A few weeks later we were able to select and agree the actual property and it was transferred to us by the solicitor after we made our final payment. We have received all of the property title documents. Yes, we are very happy with the services provided and they were able to hold my rent securely in the client account until my UK bank account was opened. Since then I have been getting my rent regularly into my UK bank account. The thing I like most is that everything has been done for me and I need not worry about any property or tenant issues. I also like the fact that they always help and respond quickly to any requests. I would recommend Find UK property to anyone who is looking for a good value investment property in the UK and does not want to do things themselves. Find UK property do everything well and I would have had difficulty in buying such a property without their help.”
Jamjuree Jivavichakul