“I am Ivan Yau. I am living in Hong Kong working in the I.T. sector. I like travel a lot that I have visited UK such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, as well as U.S., Japan, Doha, etc. As an investor, I always want to diversify my investments, I like UK. UK people are nice. UK legal system is well-defined that can protect both the landlords and tenants. As I worked in the I.T. sector, I found Find UK Property just in Google search. At the very beginning, I doubt everything because I am not familiar with UK property investment as well as this company. But then after few emails and phone calls, I finally booked a 10-hr flight and met the staff including senior consultant, Tariq, in their UK offices. I visited the offices and saw the properties. And then they also led me to meet a lawyer which offer identification service to people. I found that everything I saw was very concrete. All the things meet my expectations; I am very happy about that. Find UK Property transferred rental income to investors in a very timely manner with a detailed quarterly report. I can see every transaction very clearly. The other three things I also like are: i) Tariq is nice and helpful, he answered my concerns in emails. ii) the admin staff is also very professional, they sent detailed quarterly report to clients in a timely manner. iii) the whole investment is truly hand-off for me. I will recommend Find UK Property just like I am now writing this sentence. The reasons are that they are very professional and helpful. They manage the properties quite well that the property management is hand-off to investor. I am also happy to provide my photo.”
Ivan Yau