“I am a UK national and retired mechanical engineer living with my wife in Zimbabwe. Since leaving the University of Bradford in 1967 I have lived in Scotland, New Zealand, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa and Mozambique. Most of my career has been in heavy engineering and mining. I now consult on major mining projects but prefer playing golf. We considered UK investment property as UK banks only secure deposits to £85,000 and pay interest of 0.5%. We have cash above this amount and the returns from rentals is above the bank rate; there is always the possibility of a capital gain. However there is an element of risk. We were looking for properties that were readily rentable and managed by a rental agent. Poor delivery by the agent can be costly and we had bitter experience of this previously. Find UK Property popped up, at a very opportune time, on a web site I was browsing looking for investment opportunities in the UK. My brother, who lives in Burnley, also gave me some background on the group company before it was involved in the property industry. My sister-in-law used to work for them. As I am from the same area and have an understanding of the type of properties there were no real concerns. Once I had the addresses a quick trip on Google Street View showed the location and house frontages. I purchased two properties. Buying the properties without meeting “Find UK Property” or seeing the actual properties was a bit of a leap of faith but it’s not possible to nip down the road from Harare to Burnley. The purchase has gone very smoothly and the returns are as stated. We are happy. The things we like are:- – Queries are answered promptly – The attention I received on my visit to the offices was commendable – The rentals are paid on time – unlike if I was managing the rental myself Because of my personal contact with them, I would recommend Find UK Property to others.”
John Allott