“I am a UK national and am working as a registered Nurse in a tertiary hospital in Riyadh. I have been in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade and am planning to return to UK next year. The interest rates paid by my bank dwindled from 3.5% over the years to 0% so I decided to generate income by buying an investment property. I selected the UK as the property market is stable and the UK laws are very transparent and I feel safe to invest in the UK. I was interested in affordable properties and with a company like Find UK to manage them for me while I am globe-trotting. I was initially concerned about having to pay my payment to Find UK and not my Solicitor as per normal property purchase transactions in UK. However, in the end everything worked out ok. When I visited I was well received. I was met at the Preston train station and taken by car to Find UK property office where I met a senior director. Then I was taken to meet a solicitor to clarify proof of identity. They took time and care to look out for certain property criteria I had mentioned. I was able to view several properties before making a decision. I was happy with my purchase and the service provided by Find UK is meeting my expectations and aims. I am very happy and wish I had bought properties from Find UK many years ago. 2 years later, I purchased another property and am hoping to buy one more next year. I like the service provided by the company the most. Always willing to help. I email Find UK senior staff for advice sometimes and they are always willing to assist. I also like these:- – Affordable properties. – Excellent management of properties. – Rent paid to my account on time. – I feel free to email Find UK staff for advice re tax returns etc. I would recommend Find UK Property and have already done so. Buying property that is well managed is a great investment.”
Veejay Bull