“I’m British living in South Africa, my husband and I are in our early sixties, we have lived in SA for 40yrs but return on holiday to the UK often and will possibly return to the UK at some point. We had some funds and didn’t want to invest in any more property in SA, so being British we thought of the UK, did some research and found Find UK Property. We wanted to get a reasonable rental but more to the point was that the property would hold its value, and the rental would be good, we get a good interest rates in SA but our currency is losing so much value we need our funds to hold its value. Our concerns were, are we dealing with a genuine company as there are so many scams out there. So we decided to travel to the UK and spend a few weeks with family and drive down to see, find Uk property and visit a few of their properties. All our questions were answered and we bought 2 properties. Everything went just as find uk property had said, all there info that’s sent to you explains it all so well you just refer to that when you are not sure on anything, they also answered emails promptly and we are very happy with our purchase. What I liked about the whole experience was that it was all done with such ease with no surprises. Other things we liked about the purchase was, no worries about broken toilets etc. especially as we are not in the UK these problems would be taken care of by Find UK Property. Any concerns we had were dealt with promptly, our rental goes straight into our bank account, no stress, also the rental is guaranteed. I would recommend Find UK Property without reservation, and would consider buying another property with them. Overall the property purchase was a good experience.”
Cathy Loftus