“I am a Malaysian and graduated from a university in London, with a doctor of philosophy in nutritional therapy in 2013. I won a Malaysian research award in exploring a fruit’s therapeutic effect. This brought me here in London to do a nutritional research in relation to human health. I plan to be in London for at least 5 years. Investing in property is always my interest since young as i believe the return is probably better and more promising compare to other investment. I am attracted to the beautiful landscape in the countryside of UK although the weather sometimes may not be appealing to certain people. Since i have some savings, why not i make some investments in the UK. I was looking for a property with freehold status, 2 bed-room, with garden, parking space for my future staying or retirement time. It is an added advantage to rent this property for somebody to take care of the house and at the same time to earn some rent. The first concern in my mind was whether Find UK Property is a registered licensed company or property agent in the UK. Our concerns were fully addressed. We (my husband and I) were impressed for the hospitality that Find UK Property extended during our visit. They took all their efforts to show us as many properties as they could. They even suggested or thought in our shoes which made us felt very much appreciated. We are happy with their service and purchase. It was a little delay for the final document from the Land of Registry, which made me worried at that time. It was resolved at the end. Now, I would think, it was only a small matter as i was keeping in touch consistently for the progress of the purchase from Find UK Property. There were several things we liked:- – First, was the prompt response and right assuring answers whenever i have questions or doubts in the beginning of the purchase via email. – Second, the sincere hospitality that we experienced during our visit to the office. – Third, the smooth progress of the purchase until the final purchase stage with my name in the Land of Registry for the purchased property. – Fourth, the guarantee rent which has been banked into my account without fail for the past years. They are professional and really made us have no hassle for the property investment. Well done and great job to Find UK Property. We really appreciate your existence that benefits us.”
Ley Chit Moy (Kara)