2-Bed Type 2AS Houses


Small 2-bed houses. Lounge, Kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Rear yard. Fully Renovated.

2-Bed Type 2A Houses


Standard 2-bed houses. Higher rent. Lounge, Lager Kitchen, bath &   2 beds. Yard. Best Seller.

Large 2-Bed Type 2B Houses


Large 2-bed houses. 2 Lounges, Kitchen, bathroom & larger bedrooms. Rear yard. The best buy.

Large 2-Bed Type 2B Houses


3-bed houses. 2 Lounges, Kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. Rear yard. For larger budgets.

3-Bed Semi S3 Houses


3-bed “Semi” houses. Lounge, Kitchen, bath & 3 beds. Large garden & drive. Good for own use.

Detached Houses


Large 3 or 4 bed houses with large gardens and drives. For own use only. Not suited to investment

Luxury Houses


5 to 8 bed houses with massive gardens and drives. For own use only. Not suited to investment

Get Full Details and 62 Page Buyer’s Guide Now

  • The UK property market
  • Price trends and capital growth
  • Best locations for future growth
  • How to buy – Buying tips
  • Freehold houses OR leasehold apartments
  • Ready property OR off-plan property
  • Near London OR away from London
  • Buying for holidays, own use & children’s studies OR renting
  • Personal, joint OR company purchase
  • How to claim UK personal tax allowance & pay no income tax
  • UK buying process for overseas clients and UK expats

Why these 2-Bed Houses are the Best Investment (Buy-to-Let) Properties in the UK

  • Fully own a secure growing property
  • Already renovated and rented out 2-bed houses from just £49,996
  • Low purchase costs including solicitor and land registry fees from just £795
  • High rental yields of up to 8%
  • Guaranteed rent option for complete peace of mind & certainty of income
  • Low management Fees of just 10% of rent
  • Low cost houses are better – Higher % rental yield, lower risk, better future % growth, and more tax efficient.
  • These houses are guaranteed with future repairs and maintenance at no extra cost
  • Interest Free company finance based on future rental income to help clients buy additional houses and grow.
  • No other costs - No hidden costs.
  • We help you Buy, Rent, Manage and Maintain. We do Everything for you
  • Get guaranteed income with no hassle
  • We manage over 800 such houses for overseas clients and expats and sell many each month.
  • We just give you the most appropriate advice – we will not try to sell to you. You can buy when you are confident and ready and follow the step by step process.

Get Full Details and 62 Page Buyer’s Guide Now