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We Also Deal with Dubai Property

Our sister company in the Group, “Openshore Property” helps buyers from all over the world find good low cost investment property in Dubai. Property prices in Dubai are now rising fast and investors may get better capital growth in Dubai over the next 3 years. We offer a secure purchase process with full property management and rental guarantees – A complete solution for investors.

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Award Winning Agency

We are fully licenced members of the National Association of Estate Agents. Our staff have passed the relevant examinations set by the National Federation of Property Professionals. One of our staff was officially recognised by NFoPP as achieving the highest marks amongst all UK Estate Agents in 2012.


Winner & Highest Achiever in UK - "UK Residential Property"

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Low cost property prices are now rising in the UK.

Prices for low cost properties – traditionally the best for rental yields fell sharply from 2007 to 2009. These have been stable and are now rising in line with economic recovery. Some forecasts suggest a rapid catch-up rise followed by more steady growth over next 6 years.


Sub £100,000 properties (away from London) are the best for investment as they not only deliver the best rental but are now also expected to grow the most in terms of capital value.

"We wanted a hands off investment knowing that everything was being taken care of."
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Over 15,000 Luxury UK Homes over £750K in 3 Main Regions

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Top Questions

What is the process for Buying Property in the UK including property in London?


What are the additional costs involved in UK Property Purchase?


What Government Taxes may be payable in relation to all aspects of property in the UK by Overseas Buyers?


Who can be classified as UK Non-Resident for Tax Purposes?


What are the ADVANTAGES of using an offshore company to purchase UK property?

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Use our UK Property Finding Service for complete Peace of Mind

This service from our Luxury Property Division allows you to purchase any UK property from any UK Estate Agent or any Seller with our help. We specialize in detached properties over £750,000 but can help you find any type of UK property.


We are not like Estate Agents that act for the seller (vendor). We act for the buyer and our sole purpose is to get the best possible UK property for the buyer at the lowest possible price. For this service we get paid by the Buyer.


The end result is that you end up getting a more suitable UK property for a lower price with complete Peace of Mind.


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UK Property Prices in many areas are now Rock Bottom

Following the financial crisis of 2008 and downturn over the past 5 years, UK property prices fell by over 30% in many areas. For the past 2 years prices in most areas have become stable and now are just beginning to increase again. Thus now is the best time to buy a suitable property in the UK. See the price trend chart showing average prices on luxury detached properties in the UK over the past 12 years.

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The UK is one of the World’s most secure and regulated places to buy property.

See our UK property Buying Process section that covers the UK property buying procedure and why the UK is a very secure place to purchase property for own use or for investment.

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Our customers are from all over the World

We provide expert advice, direct from our offices in the UK, to customers throughout the World including USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, China, Africa, Canada, India and South Asia. Our customers have differing requirements relating to Property in the UK. Please click the brochure link or complete the Contact Us page for further information.

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We follow the TSI Approved Code

The Trading Standards Institute has approved the code of practice we follow, which is run by The Property Ombudsman. Where a business displays this logo, customers can have the confidence of knowing that they will be dealing with a company that has undertaken to treat them fairly if problems arise, and deliver customer service standards that go beyond minimum legal requirements.


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Find UK are fully Licenced Members of the NAEA

Our staff are fully trained and hold as a minimum the Award in Residential Property Sales from NFOPP - The National Federation of Property Professionals.


We are a fully licensed member of the NAEA - National Association of Estate Agents. Our Licence Number is M0189573.


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We are part of a large UK group of companies specializing in IT and Property Management. The Head Office is located on the 26 acre business park (Time Technology Park).


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Find UK Property - UK Property Search Agents for Overseas Buyers
UK Property Market

This page is divided into two sections Investment Property and Own Use /Luxury Property.

Investment Property

In the UK the best properties for investment are the smaller, lower cost properties. The reason is that these properties are in high demand for rental and thus deliver the best rental yields. Unlike other countries, in the UK small house are more popular than apartments and if well managed, deliver better net rental returns.

Our experience has shown that small terraced houses in high rental demand areas (where there is a shortage of housing or where people cannot afford to buy and thus have to rent), are delivering the best rental yields of over 8%.

Prices for such low cost properties - fell sharply from 2007 to 2009 following the financial crisis. Prices have been stable over past 4 years but are now rising. The rate of increase is now increasing due to the economic recovery. Some forecasts suggest a rapid catch-up rise followed by more steady growth over next 6 years.

The chart below shows the average price of properties that were selling for £50,000 in year 2000. You can see that prices rose until 2008 and then fell sharply. Prices are expected to rise again (shown by green dots).

Thus our view is that sub £100,000 properties (away from London) are the best for investment as they not only deliver the best rental but are now also expected to grow the most in terms of capital value.

Comparison of Investment Property in 3 Areas

Here is a comparison of 3 areas and different types of property. The 3 areas are:-

  1. North West
  2. West London/Heathrow
  3. Sothern Towns

You can see that for the same size and specification of property, prices in the North West near Manchester are much lower and rental yields are much higher. For the same price of a 2-bed terraced property near London you can purchase FOUR such properties in Lancashire and get more rent, better forecast capital growth and more flexibility.


These properties are in the North West where property prices are depressed and future capital growth is likely to be strong. These include Manchester and Lancashire Towns. This is the most popular area for our investors.

Manchester/Lancashire/North West
Type of House Price Rent % Yield
4-Bed Semi Detached £115,000 £8,000 7.0%
4-Bed Terraced £79,995 £6,400 8.0%
3-Bed Semi Detached £99,000 £7,200 7.3%
2-Bed Semi Detached £89,000 £6,500 7.3%
3-Bed Terraced £69,995 £5,600 8.0%
2-Bed Terraced Large £59,995 £4,800 8.0%
2-Bed Terraced Small £49,995 £4,000 8.0%

These properties are around Heathrow, extending from Slough along the M4 Corridor to West London. Rental demand and rental yields are better than other areas of London and future capital growth will be helped by the Cross-Rail Link which is under construction. Property in central London is too high to even consider.

West London/Heathrow
Type of House Price Rent % Yield
4-Bed Semi Detached £310,000 £15,000 4.8%
4-Bed Terraced £260,000 £14,000 5.4%
3-Bed Semi Detached £255,000 £12,400 4.9%
3-Bed Terraced £210,000 £11,600 5.5%
2-Bed Semi Detached £245,000 £12,000 4.9%
2-Bed Terraced £189,000 £10,500 5.6%

These are the popular English Towns like Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Bath etc. These locations are good for own use property - not investment. Prices are similar to West London and rental yields are lower.

Oxford / Cambridge /Southern Towns
Type of House Price Rent % Yield
4-Bed Semi Detached £300,000 £14,000 4.7%
4-Bed Terraced £250,000 £13,000 5.2%
3-Bed Semi Detached £250,000 £11,500 4.6%
3-Bed Terraced £200,0000 £10,600 5.3%
2-Bed Semi Detached £230,000 £10,700 4.7%
2-Bed Terraced £180,000 £9,600 5.3%
Key Facts
  • North West properties are less than one third of the price of West London and Southern Towns for similar type and size of property.
  • Rental yields are almost double in the North West as property values are depressed. Demand for rental property is high. Currently more residents are looking to rent than buy.
  • Rental yields decrease as property price increases and this trend applies to ALL areas. The smallest properties are the best for investment.
  • Terraced properties are lower cost and give better rental returns than semi-detached and detached, which are popular for own use.
  • These are the reasons why our best-selling investment properties are 2-bed to 3-bed terraced houses for around £50,000 to £80,000. If your budget is larger, buy multiple low cost properties. This is better than buying a more expensive property in London or buying more expensive detached/semi-detached properties.
Own Use and Luxury Property

This section covers own use and the luxury detached property market and covers:-

  • UK Luxury Property Price and Trends
  • Main UK Property Regions
  • Types of UK Property
UK Property Pricing Trends


Prices of Luxury UK Properties - Last 12 Years

Find UK Property specialize in detached UK properties over £ 750,000. The price trend in this sector of the market has been similar to other sectors overall and is shown in the graph below. This chart shows what has happened to large detached UK properties that were selling for £ 1 million in year 2000.

As you can see, the prices more than doubled over 7 year period from 2000 to 2007. Then, following the financial crisis prices fell by about 15%. However, this chart represents the average for the whole of the UK and hides the fact that in some areas UK property falls were much higher and were as high as 30%.

Prices by Region & Property in London

In general prices on property tend to be higher in the South and lower in the North. This is true also for detached luxury properties. The most expensive properties are in London - particularly inner London. However, most of the properties in London over £ 1m are terraced or apartment type of properties. There are relatively few detached properties in London and these tend to be very expensive, and can be about about 5 times more expensive than similar detached property outside London.

The chart shows the relative prices of similar sized detached property in different areas. Property that is selling for £ 1 million in MID UK region is selling for about 1.5 million in SOUTH UK and only £ 878,000 in NORTH UK.

Main UK Property Regions

Find UK Property have divided the UK into 3 main Regions. Majority of the luxury detached properties around £ 750,000 or over fall in the South UK region which includes property in London.

MID UK Property Region

This is the best value region for overseas buyers looking for a luxury detached UK property. The region is centred by Manchester International Airport which is second largest to London Heathrow and amongst the top 10 international airports in Europe.

There is also International Airports at Birmingham and Liverpool in this region. It encompasses the areas of the North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands and most of Wales.

A popular region for low cost investment properties with high rental yields is the region north of Manchester Airport including Lancashire.

SOUTH UK Property Region

This region includes the South East, South West, East Anglia, Greater London and Inner London. It accounts for about 50% of sales of luxury detached UK properties. Properties in London are the most expensive, but there are relatively few large detached properties in London. Most of the London properties over £ 750,000 are in-fact apartments and terraced houses.

Within this region, the South East is the most popular for sales of detached luxury UK properties and prices here are about 70% more expensive than in MID UK.

The main airport serving this region is London Heathrow Airport. There are also other airports nearby including Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton.

The region around Heathrow Airport including West London/ Slough area is also a very popular region for investment properties with high rental yields.

NORTH UK Property Region

This includes Northern England and Scotland and accounts for less than 10% of luxury detached properties. However prices are lowest here and large country estates can be purchased for little more than 1m.

Sales by Region

As stated, most of the sales are in the South UK and Mid UK regions. See the chart for % of sales of detached luxury properties in different regions. Note - low percentage in London as much of the property here is not detached.

Types of Luxury Detached UK Properties

The following descriptions may be used to describe a detached high end property and in many cases more than one description can apply to the same property.

Detached House

A house without any adjoining walls to any other properties; usually with its own garden (usually front and rear) and garage.

Country House

Large house or mansion in the country outside the town/city.

Country Estate

A Country House that also include large amounts of land (farmland and/or woodland) in addition to formal gardens and usually many outbuildings and other facilities.


The Manor is the main house or Mansion on a Property Estate. Frequently used to be the house of the local Lord.

Equestrian Property

A Country House with facilities for horse including stables and land for horse riding.


Usually a smaller detached house typically near a lake, mountain or on a farm. Although this term was traditionally used to describe such a house in the country, a cottage now describes any small house that typically has character and charm.

Barn Conversion

A barn, usually on a farm, that has been converted into a spacious home with exposed beams, high ceilings and lots of character.

Chalet Style House

A house with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves.


A detached residential house on a farm, used or previously used by the farmer's family

Mews House

A house that has been converted from old stables or carriage houses - usually 17th to 19th century. They are usually found on narrow streets in larger cities and tend to be very expensive.

Listed Property

A listed property is a building that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Importance. Many of these are also Period Properties. There are limits to what modifications can be made with a listed property.

Period Property

Old (often Listed) historic property normally built before 1914
Jacobean (1603-1625)
Stuart (1625-1714)
Georgian (1714-1811)
Regency (1811-1837)
Victorian (1837-1901)
Edwardian (1901-1914)

Types of UK Investment Properties

These properties are typically found in Cities & Towns, where they are easy to rent out and the best rental yield are offered by lower cost properties. In the UK, in most regions, terraced and semi-detached small houses are more popular and carry better net rental yields than flats or apartments.

Terraced House

This term is used to describe houses built in a row of three or more and usually two to five storeys high. A mid-terrace is separated from two other houses by two separate adjoining walls, whilst an End Terrace is separated from only one other house by an adjoining wall. Staggered terrace houses are separated from each other by two partially adjoining walls. These are very cost effective as low cost investment properties in many regions.

Semi-Detached House

A house that is separated from only one other property by one adjoining (party) wall.


A single-storey usually detached or semi-detached house. As its floor plan is entirely on one level, a bungalow does not have any stairs.


Similar to a terraced house, but usually larger, built to a higher standard and with an integral garage on the ground floor. Such properties are typically found as part of a planned unit development.


A house that is separated from other properties by adjoining walls that are situated in non-living spaces such as the garage.

Apartment (Flat)

An apartment (or flat) is a self-contained unit, usually located on one floor, although in some cases, it can be spread over a number of floors. It may be a purpose built apartment, located in a building that has been intentionally built to contain apartments, or it may be a conversion apartment, which is located in a building that was originally built as a house and has since been converted to contain apartments. Many £ 1m properties in London and major cities are Flats or Apartments with multiple bedrooms.


Part of a house or block of apartments comprising separate living accommodation. The term may be used to describe a flat that extends over more than one floor (duplex) or a flat which has its own external entrance.